Firefox 2 (Mac + PC)

Detailed Instructions to completely clear the cache for Firefox 2, you can find detailed instructions for Firefox 3 on the Firefox 3 page.

  • Firefox 2 PC
  • Firefox 2 Mac

Firefox 2 on the PC

Step 1
First click Tools and then Options
Step 2
Click on Advanced
Click on Clear Now under Cache
Click on OK
Step 3
Click the reload current page icon

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Firefox 2 on the Mac

Step 1
First click Firefox and then Preferences
Firefox 2 Step 1 (Mac)
Step 2
Click on the Privacy tab and then click on Settings button
Firefox 2 Step 2 (Mac)
Step 3
Make sure you have the Cache option selected (if you want to make sure you don't delete your saved passwords, doublecheck the Saved Passwords checkbox) and then click Ok
Firefox 2 Step 3 (Mac)
Step 4
Click on Clear Now
Firefox 2 Step 4 (Mac)

Check older versions of Firefox